During the last 2 years we’ve tried the elastic & the buckle carrier, also our compact stroller - of course. Every item has its perks, but I have a new favourite!

Our daughter is a big girl now, she wants to come & go, so for this stage we needed a carrier which is easy to use yet more durable then my right arm! Especially the fact we love traveling, we wanted something travel compatible. 🌏

We authentically tested on a week trip in Porto, so now I confidently can say my new favorite is the  @tushbaby hip seat. 🙌🏼

  • easy to put on, yet I feel safe carrying Nara on my waist
  • my arm has an instant relief from her weight
  • versatile usage (right, center, left, even good for breastfeeding support)
  • mobility for my other arm (1 arm is perfectly fine for safe holding)
  • has many pockets & bottle holders for storage like an extra diaper, wet wipes, pacifier etc.)
  • really stylish - let’s be honest, functionality tops look, but the look is always a plus. 😉

Before motherhood I considered myself, who was keen on fashion.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have the PJ - sweatpants - cozy socks combo at home quite often - well after the 4th trimester, but I enjoy being feminine.

Nothing beats comfort anymore, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I can’t look decent.

I also admit I love accessories that meant to ease your (& your child’s) life in a trendy look - like our @tushbaby hip seat

No, it absolutely won’t make you a better parent, but it can add that little extra you feel yourself pampered by being stylish.

🍒 on top: the leather is vegan, plus it’s a female-founded company.

If you are in the mood to give it a go, use my code TRAVELFAM and get -15% off on their website or use my link.