2in1 entertaining sightseeing tour with extras in Budapest

First thoughts

What makes a sightseeing tour fun? Especially when kids are around? Conventional tour buses are okay, but I rather try to find alternative ways to explore a city. For this, I happily announce that this 2in1 entertaining sightseeing tour with extras in Budapest will tick all the boxes!

About Mihály Kolodko

Mihály Kolodko is a Ukrainian-Hungarian sculptor, who has moved to Hungary with his family in 2017. He gained more & more popularity in Budapest, when he secretly began to install his famous mini sculptures.

Why is this idea so fun?

These mini sculptures are mostly made out of metal & after installation, he usually posts only a photo (maybe a hint) on socials, about the location of the new addition.

Imagine a family approved sightseeing tour in Budapest, where the small child(ren) can play ’treasure hunt’ searching for these art installations, while the whole family gets a unique glimpse of Budapest’s city center. Personally, I love unique ideas & for me it would be a perfect alternative approach for a traditional sightseeing tour.

Attention, attention!

  1. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to organize a week only to hunt these mini sculptures down – considering the fact that, not all of them are based on cartoon characters (which is definitely funnier & children-approved than figures from the Hungarian history book). That’s why you’ll get 2 half days itinerary, which can be attached together to have a full day, & another section of listing the remaining ones.
  2. All photos are made by ourselves. So far, we didn’t have the chance to visit all of them, meaning that there will be some gaps where only the name, location & a brief intro will be available.
  3. Also be aware that unfortunately some of these sculptures gone missing. I’ll try to keep the article up-to-date but I take no guarantee if you end up not finding one.

1st DAY

1st day - Kolodko mini sculptures treasure hunt Budapest map
1st day - Kolodko mini sculptures treasure hunt Budapest map

Franz Josef in a hammock

Location: Liberty Bridge

What you can see from here: Fővám Square, the Bridge itself, Gellért Square, Gellért Hill, Liberty Statue, both quays of Pest & Buda, Elizabeth Bridge, Buda Castle, the CET

Insider info: Franz Josef – Austrian Emperor, Hungarian King – helped to insert the last silver rivet at the opening ceremony of the Bridge (which was originally named after him Franz Josef Bridge). Well, now we know why him, but why in a hammock? What I personally love about these installations, is that some of them have not only ties with past, but also with present. There is a yearly event during summer, when the bridge is given back to pedestrians, allowing people to have yoga sessions, mediations, capoeira or even permit them to lay down in a hammock.

Pst. No matter if you start the day, or you plan to walk in the afternoon, you’ll need energy for sure. Since our first stop is on the Liberty Bridge, I recommend something on Gellért or Fővám Square (breakfast/brunch in Café Brunch Budapest, lunch in either the Central market Hall of Budapest or in Vegan Love).

10-minute walk

"The Russians are already in the pantry!"

Location: at Várkert Bazar look for the gap at the pedestrian sidewalk

What you can see from here: perfect view over the river Danube, Parlament, Castle Garden, Chain Bridge

Insider info: This phrase "went viral" from a Hungarian black and white movie released in 1965 called "The Corporal and the Others". Unlike the rest of the mini sculptures this time the door can be actually closed and opened, making it moving, like a real door.

15-minute walk (alternatively take the funicular, or taxi, or castle bus)

Rat from ratatouille

Location: at the foot of the Elizabeth Bridge on Buda side

What you can see from here: Liberty Bridge, Gellért Hill, the Rudas Bath, perfect view over the river Danube, Elizabeth Bridge

Insider info: If you have child(ren) or just love animated movies, I think you’ll know Ratatouille. But why is the gastro rat is holding a paint spray? The answer is Bansky – a well-known, secretive street artist. He often times paint rats & also creates graffities. Like the rat mini sculpture, who has a paint spray in his hand & just painted ‘Lecsó’ (Hungarian equivalent of Ratatouille) on the wall.

10-minute walk (alternatively take tram 41)

Rabbit with checkered ears

Location: in front of the Sándor Palace, on the castle wall.

What you can see from there: Buda Castle, National Gallery, perfect view over the river Danube, the entire Pest side along with the Parliament, Gresham Palace, St Stephen Basilica, Chain Bridge

Insider info: The Rabbit with Checkered ears is a Hungarian animated cartoon from the 70s. The rabbit is standing on the castle wall watching the Chain Bridge with his telescope. On the way up here, you can walk around the Castle Garden & also take the Funicular up to the hill – which is another showstopper for kids. Sightseeing-wise this one offers one of the best panoramas over the city.

30-minute walk (alternatively take bus 16 or 16A or taxi)

Mekk Elek (goat)

Location: Széll Kálmán Square, close to the trams

What you can see from here: Széll Kálmán Square

Insider info: Mekk Elek is the main character of the Hungarian puppet film series from the 70s. The goat is holding a street sign ‘Moszkva Square’ referring back to the old name of the square, which is now Széll Kálmán Square. The meaning behind it, is that the character in the puppet series was always trying to fix things, however every time he turned out to be very incompetent. Now he’s holding a street sign with the old name.

10-minute ride on tram 4 or 6 (alternatively 20-minute walk, or take taxi)


Location: at the foot of the Margaret Bridge on Buda side

What you can see from here: Margaret Island, Margaret Bridge, Parliament, perfect view over the river Danube

Insider info: As far as I know this is the only piece that made mostly out of limestone. The Trabant is the latest addition to the sculptures installed in April 2022 – so there are not so many articles on the web explaining the possible meaning of the installation. That’s also something that makes them so enjoyable. The artist often times leave the explanation to the imagination.

15-mintue walk (or alternatively take tram 49 or 41)

Sad tank

Location: Batthyány Square, on the wall of the promenade along the quay

What you can see from here: perfect view of the Parliament, full panorama of the river Danube, Margaret Bridge, Chain Bridge, Pest side

Insider info: Most probably it’s in connection with the ’56 war. Although the tank in general were made to destroy, this little one, is rather pointing its gun downward, symbolizing peace – instead of firing the Parliament which is just in front of it. In my opinion - this piece is the other one, which has the most epic view from.

Literally 1-minute from the tank 🙂

Rubik’s Cube

Location: Batthyány Square, on the wall of the promenade along the quay

What you can see from here: perfect view of the Parliament, full panorama of the river Danube, Margaret Bridge, Chain Bridge, Pest side

Insider info: Did you know the world-famous Rubik’s Cube is a Hungarian invention? 🙂 Made by Rubik Ernő architect, in the 70s, he wanted to showcase the 3D movement to his students. The cube is playfully rolling down on one of the rails going down to the quay.

3-minute walking

Main worm

Location: on the wall of the promenade, near Halász Street

What you can see from here: Parliament, full panorama of the river Danube, Chain Bridge, Pest side

Insider info: The worm is one of the main characters in the Hungarian cartoon the Great Ho-ho-ho fisherman from the 80s. This was the first mini sculptor in Budapest by Kolodko. The worm is sitting on a perfect location, close the Danube, to the fishes. 🙂

10-minute walk


Location: intersection of the Batthyány & Hattyú Streets

Insider info: Apparently, there is not only one dog here, but 4 different breeds along the pavement. The sculptures introduce you to a Hungarian folk tale. We recently visited these cute dogs & can confirm, you can enjoy this ‘treasure hunt’ with 2 years old toddlers as well. 🙂 Our daughter was over to the moon and back recognizing the dogs.

2nd DAY

On our second half-day we're gonna discover more! Let's do this 2 in 1 entertaining treasure hunt with family approved sightseeing tour in Budapest

2nd day - Kolodko mini sculptures treasure hunt Budapest map
2nd day - Kolodko mini sculptures treasure hunt Budapest map

LOST - Simpson Lisa

2-minute walk

Dead squirrel

Location: in the intersection of Szent István Boulevard & Falk Miksa Street

What you can see from here: Margaret Island, Margaret Bridge

Insider info: This is an homage to Maurizio Cattelan’s Bidibidobidiboo art. Fun fact: just meters away from the dead squirrel there is man-sized Columbo statue. You can catch 2 birds with 1 stone.

7-minute walk (or alternatively take tram 4 or 6)

Skála Kópé

Location: Nyugati Sqaure

What you can see from here: Nyugati Square (plus the building of Nyugati train station)

Insider info: Yet another Hungarian piece of television culture. Skála Kópé is the main character of the first Hungarian animated ad back in the 80s. I especially appreciate that little red heart on the sculpture. It makes it so adorably cute.

Pst. If you want to taste Budapest’s one of the best donuts, look for the The Box Donut. It’s located on Nyugati Square.

10-minute walk


Location: Hold Street

What you can see from here: You’re dangerously close to the Parliament, which is one of the must-see landmarks in Budapest. Make sure you have a detour there.

Insider info:The moonwalker is placed in Hold (=moon) Street & have many hidden meanings. Eg. Did you know that in the construction of the first moonwalker, a Hungarian engineer also took part? Me neither. But we always learn something new. 🙂 Also, the moonwalker is placed on a moon shaped stone (which meant to forbid parking on the spot).

Pst. I know you just had donut, but I have another all-star place, called Artizán in Hold Street. Technically it’s a bakery, but over the years it grew into a bakery/café/brunch place. Ask for the Cardamom roll. Your tastebuds will be very grateful!

3-minute walk

The Frog from the Muppet show

Location: Liberty Square

What you can see from here: Liberty Square & monument. You’re still in close proximity of the Parliament. If you postponed until now, this is the time. 🙂

Insider info: Breki from the Muppet Show is sitting peacefully in front of the former Hungarian Television headquarters which broadcast the Muppet show in Hungary. The frog is watching the American Embassy.

Pst. Sorry to spoil you with foodie places, but I was working here on Liberty square, so I kinda know the good places. 🙂 For lunch/dinner I would totally recommend Iguana (Mexican) or the Bank3 (pancake) place. Children will love both!

1-minute walk

LOST - Süsü, the Dragon

10-minute walk

Mr Bean’s Teddy Bear

Location: Harmincad Street

What you can see: along the way, you pass by St Stephen Basilica, Elizabeth Square, Ferris Wheel

Insider info: Stylishly it’s installed on the former British Embassy building. You may have to look up this time, as the Teddy bear is actually hanging on the wall.

4-minute walk

Balloon dog with bone

Location: Danube Promenade

What you can see: along the way, you pass Vörösmarty Square, Váci Street. At the sculpture you’ll have perfect view on Buda side including the Castle & Castle Garden, Vígadó Square, Chain Bridge

Insider info: Alleged homage to Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dog art piece. It’s located on the Promenade, which is the nicest pedestrian place along the Danube’s Pest side.

Pst. Closing this route, I recommend to have a meal in Vígvarjú restaurant. It’s part of VakVarjú, which is a phenomenally family-friendly restaurant chain in Budapest..

The rest of the mini sculptures

Drunk Roman Legionnaire

Location: Amphitheatre in Óbuda

What you can see from here: Amphitheater in Óbuda

Insider info: The inspiration was the famous latin saying: From wine comes truth. The twin mini sculpture is located in the Amphitheater of Pula, Croatia.

Fleurist couple in Pasarét

Location: Pasarét Square

What you can see from here: Pasarét Square

Insider info: Commemorates a couple (Aranka and Béla) who ran their flower shop in Pasarét for nealry 50 years.

Herzl Tivadar

Location: in front of the Synagogue of Dohány Street

What you can see from here: Budapest’s biggest & busiest hub – Deák Ferenc Square, Synagogue

Seress Rezső

Location: Akácfa Street, on the wall of the former “Kispipa” restaurant

Insider info: The former restaurant is the place, where Seress Rezső (pianist/composer) played every day in the 50s.

Diver & Key

Location: next the building of New York Café

What you can see from here: New York café

Insider info: According to the legend, the big Hungarian poets (like Endre Ady, Dezső Kosztolányi) had a discussion at their beloved New York Café to steal the key of the café & throw into the Danube river in order to avoid the café closing.

Pst. It would be a huge miss, if you were skip visiting New York Café. It has definitely a charm to it.

14-carat car

Location: Hevesi Sándor Square

Insider info: Hungarian writer Jenő Rejtő & his piece about the 14-carat car.

Parachute girl

Location: Szenes Hanna Park

Insider info: Hungarian Jewish girl who had to emigrate to Palestine in the 20s. During the war she joined the British army & was taught to be a paratrooper.

Noah’s ark

Location: Bethlen Gábor square

Insider info: This sculpture is located near the University of Veterinary Medicine.

Ship on finger

Location: Moszkva Promenade

What you can see from here: Margaret Island

Insider info: Kolodko well-hid his strong opinion about the current Ukrainian-Russian conflict. Without going deeper in the topic, I suggest you to search for it yourself if you are interested about it more.

LOST - Urinal

Location: City park, near the lake

What you can see from here: Vajdahunyad Castle, Széchenyi Bath, Heroes Square, Hungarian House of Music

Insider info: He refers to a work by French painter & artist – Marcel Duchamp – which was “made” by the artist in 1917 for the annual exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists in New York, but was not included.

Dreher Beer Factory

Location: Dreher Manufactory’s courtyard

What you can see from here: Dreher Beer Factory

Insider info: Dreher family has a long & rich history in beer making. Actually, there are 2 mini sculptures on the site. One is depicting Antal Dreher, with his characteristic walking stick in his hand. The other is a beer cart on a real limestone bridge pulled by 2 Dreher horses.

Kodály Zoltán

Location: Liszt Ferenc Airport

Insider info: Liszt Ferenc, Hungarian musician, is placed at the entrance of the Airport. He’s patiently sitting on his suitcase. A small origami paper plane is also made by Kolodko next to Liszt Ferenc.

Final thoughts

I hope I have proved you how fun this 2in1 entertaining treasure hunt with family approved sightseeing tour in Budapest can be. No need to check out all, but if you have a few you’re resonating with, I definitely think it can spice a regular sightseeing up! Most of them we visited together with my husband,

but since our daughter is around the age of 2, we can visit them again – this time as a fam of 3. Happy treasure hunt! 🙂