The ultimate Christmas gift guide for traveling families

Christmas is one of the (if not THE) biggest events of the year. Therefore usually we – moms - are thriving to prepare everything nearly reaching perfection. Gift lists are crucial part of it. Although I think gifts will not define how merry & happy your holiday is, I also know that gifting is a core part of the celebration. That's why I share my ultimate Christmas gift guide for traveling families.

Let’s get started

For us, traveling families with babies/toddlers (either part-time or full time) there are plenty of options we can choose from. Either products which are meant to ease parenthood, or the ones that were designed to be your besties during traveling. Lucky thing if both are on the plate.

The following recommendations are genuine ones (I will also include if we own the product or want to grab our hands on it too). Don't forget that many shops/retailers have amazing deals under the "Black Friday" period. Additionally, there are a few options where I can offer you a discount code, so you will benefit from it too. Furthermore I raise your attention that for certain products I will get a small commission if you decide to purchase it through my link.*

* Amazon links will direct you to the US & UK Amazon stores.

In order to offer you the ultimate Christmas gift guide for traveling families, I will list products from inexpensive to high(er) end range, also think about children, parents & family too. I hope you are going to find some inspiration for the upcoming holidays!


1. Once upon - photo book

own purchase

Maybe we – Gen Y – are the last generation who can truly value hard cover books, but it feels so comforting to touch sometimes printed pages instead of looking at screens all the time.

So far this is my all-time favorite family photo book is OnceUpon. You can edit your own photo book either via their mobile app or on desktop. Also, you can customize it however you want & it will be delivered to your doorstep just in days. We have 5 books & I already have 3 in the making!

OnceUpon photo book
OnceUpon photo book
2. The Adventure challenge (family edition) – challenge book

still on my list

! Due to BlackFriday you can shop with 20-40% off site wise, the family edition book has 25% discount!

This family book of adventures is on my own gift list for us since I got to know we were expecting. Meanwhile I love our adventures when we are on the road, we conquer the biggest slide, we bake gingerbread together etc. I do agree with the following quote on their page:

The Family Edition is an invitation for families who want to leave a legacy of memories with their tribe.
The AdventureChallenge website
3. Kapten & Son - backpack

own purchase

! You can sign up on their website now to participate in their BlackFriday campaign starting on 18th of November!

Although there are many diaper bags on the market, we prefer to have our arms completely free. Besides, you don’t have to use a diaper bag per se just to carry your toddler’s stuff. Therefore, I let my husband chose a backpack he loves, making him comfortable with carrying it. We opted for Kapten&Son backpacks. Firstly, the smaller (Arhaus Cream Black) for everyday diaper bag, secondly one big (Bali) for layovers & short traveling. Finally I even chose a “office” backpack (Bergen) from them.

Arhaus Cream Black "diaper bag"
Bali backpack


4. Boardgames

still on my list (links included)

Board games + family = fun time

There are plenty of board games that are tailor made for younger children, like Spot it kids (US Amazon, UK Amazon) or StoryCubes (US Amazon, UK Amazon). However there are plenty of for bigger children, like Dixit Journey edition (US Amazon, UK Amazon). I already see ourselves on road trips, playing boardgames in the evening.

5. Boc’n’Roll sandwich wrap

own purchase

For outdoorsy families this eco-conscious accessory is perfect. Above all of the dozens of designs there is Travel edition Boc’n’Roll sandwich wrap, which I truly love. I’m especially fond of products which are sustainable, yet design is not sacrificed on the altar of functionality & purpose.

Boc'n'Roll sandwich wrap from Rolleat


1. Tushbaby hip seat

partnership (link + code TRAVELFAM - 15% off)

! Due to BlackFriday between 17th till 28th of November 25% off site wise, with my code extra 5% is given = 30% off!

If you know me from IG, you know how happy I was when we discovered this hip seat earlier this year. Therefore this ultimate Christmas gift guide for traveling families wouldn't be complete without it. This is a perfect alternative for hip carrying. Your arms/back will thank you for sure! Firstly, the side pockets are big enough to store a diaper, wet wipe, hand sanitizer & a water bottle. Perfect for on-the-go mamas & papas & never-stopping toddlers. Imagine it like a tool-belt for parents. Secondly, cherry on top, how gorgeous design they have.

Tushbaby hipseat
Tushbaby hipseat
2. SlipStop shoes

own purchase

We are summer people in our hearts. In other words, anything which involves water is a great option for us. But the hot sand, the rocky beach, the slippery pool are all the things I was worried for my daughter. Not only this shoe is lightweight, heat / salt / chlorine resistant, but it's easy to take on, and made of quickly drying softshell material. For the Canadian store click here.

SlipStop shoes
SlipStop shoes

3. Anti-spill (collapsible) snack cup

own purchase (links included)

I especially love IG for connecting with likeminded families with who we share the passion of travel & parenthood. One product was recommended by our friends & we love it ever since. This snack cup (US Amazon, UK Amazon) is BPA free, and on top of it: your child most probably will not crumb the entire home, car, rental, airplane along the way. Genius!

Anti Spill Collapsible Snack Cup
4. Jack & Bo - clothes

partnership (link + code travelfam20 - 20% off)

I’m a bit picky when it comes to baby clothing. However, one brand stood out remarkably. In my early thirties being a bit more conscious is playing an important role, so when I heard that Jack&Bo plant a tree after every purchase I make, I just felt that this company does deserve support. Additionally their baby/toddler clothing items are super good. We literally overused already the rubber sneaker!

Rainbow Jumpsuit by Jack & Bo
RUbber base sneaker by Jack & Bo


1. Loop earplugs

partnership (link + code LOOPXJUSTDIARIES - 15% off)

I want to come up with gift ideas which are pampering the mamas out there, as I know how challenging motherhood can be (also valid for daddies)! At first, I was skeptical with this noise reducing earplugs but I totally get the idea now. You can use it for events, in traffic, doing diy projects, while studying, but you can also use for traveling via car/plane etc. Above all, you can turn your children’s volume a bit down. Important: it doesn’t mute, just reduce. You’ll hear everything but in a more ZEN tone.

Loop Earplugs
Loop Earplugs

2. Talia Sari - jewelry

own purchase

! Due to BlackFriday you can shop on their website with 30% off on their site (no coupon code needed)!

Personally, I love jewelry. And I love love love traveling. And if I spot one that has something to do with each other, I just gravitates toward it. These custom map jewelry pieces are totally for your liking, as you are able to set on google maps which part of the map you want to have on the jewelry. You can decide if you want a necklace, a ring or an earring, as well as if you want to add marker to an exact location. I have my Seoul necklace & I couldn’t be happier about it.

Talia Sari custom map jewelry
3. WoodstockZambon - jewelry

own purchase

Another obsession of mine was this watch for over 2 years! I’m not even kidding. My Map of the world watch is made of rose gold plated stainless steel & waterproof. I just simply love how feminine, yet I can see the whole world. Ladies, this is your call!

Map of the World watch
Map of the World watch
4. TWS x Frank green - reusable coffee mug

own purchase

As I said earlier, being sustainable plays more & more important aspect in our everyday lives. I do have a few water bottles & my beloved ceramic coffee mugs from TheWholesomeStore x FrankGreen. Consequently I used them a lot, also ordered my to-go coffees in this cup & it returns the purchase price pretty quickly.

TWS x Frank Green coffee mug
TWS x Frank Green coffee mug


1. JBL go 3 portable Bluetooth speaker

own purchase (links included)

Good gear gangs in wee bundles. We owned the big brother of this one & wow this mini JBL bluetooth speaker (US Amazon, UK Amazon) has volume. For instance it's perfect for family outings, on the beach, in the rental, anywhere. The only thing I wish we had done before is to “downgrade” sooner (in size).

JBL go 3 portable bluetooth speaker
2. Multipurpose portable pump

still on my list (links included)

I think this will be our next multi-purpose purchase. At least my husband had brightly shining eyes. This portable pump (US Amazon, UK Amazon) is a pump, vacuum, flashlight, and magnetic. For example, these gadgets are the ones, you can use in a versatile way & will think ‘it totally worth the price’.

Closing thoughts

As a summary like I said, Christmas is not about gifting, but if you decide to do so, choose something that’s meaningful. Therefore I genuinely hope I could give you some inspiration and contributed to your ultimate Christmas gifts for traveling families.

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