Staying in the loop! ♾

After having a child, you see things differently. Value things more than before. Like tranquility over noise.

The Loop earplugs offers an opportunity you cannot really turn down. You can use it for workout, study, live events, diy stuff, sleep - but let me share WHY I use them.

Loop Earplugs

In the morning…

…I recently turned to a busy working mom from SAHM & keeping myself focused for that limited time I work (part-time) feels great!

In the afternoon…

…I am a proud mom playing around in indoor/outdoor playgrounds where not just my child screams (mostly out of joy), making me dizzy by the end.

In the weekends…

…we turn into a travel family on the road (sometimes up in the air) where I can experience all kinds of noise I want to reduce.


Ad-hoc events like at the hairdresser it is really helpful when the blow-dryers are on full speed.

Let’s talk about the BENEFITS:

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Good fit for my small ears (you have 4 different sizes to choose from)
  • Stylish (Let’s be real, it’s important. For a mama who has more than 300 earrings it really is!)
  • Easy to carry around (in the small case you have)

In all cases, the noise-reducing earplugs by @loopsearplugs keep me in the present but reducing the unnecessary hustle for full experience.

If you want to give it a chance too, use code LOOPXJUSTDIARIES for an extra pampering (-15%) on their website! 🎁